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Dark Universe Records is based in Perth, Western Australia and exists to develop and support local musicians to find themselves and find an audience.

We are a collective of music industry professionals and music lovers who want to contribute to the development of quality home grown talent. Established initially to produce and distribute Jaime Page's first solo album, Dark Universe (hence the name), we are on the look out for other artists to work with over coming months.

We aim to create a record imprint that is known for it's integrity and for giving a start to artists who go on to have the most incandescent careers in the industry.

Watch this space ...


Jaime Page

Dark Universe is proud to announce that our first signing is the legendary Perth-based guitarist and songwriter, Jaime Page.

Jaime is a highly regarded musician, one of the best guitarists to emerge from Western Australia. He has worked with such luminaries as Cozy Powell (Rainbow, Whitesnake), worked on film scores (Sons Of Steel), and played and written songs on the WA classic rock album Life On Earth by Trilogy. Jaime also co-wrote Resurrection with Brian May of Queen fame.

Ever the altruist, Jaime has initiated help for many friends and others in need, perhaps most notable being his involvement with the Siren Divinyls Show (Rock For MS), which has raised over $25,000 for Multiple Sclerosis and MSWA.

Jaime has recently come out as transgender, male to female, and is celebrating with the release of her upcoming CD, Dark Universe.

“It’s [the album] a very personal story,” Jaime said, “one which has been yearning for release for most of my life. I don't expect everyone to understand, but this is who I am, and this is my life.

“I am Transgender.

“This music is from the very darkest, deepest depths of my being. I am putting all my vulnerabilities on display. The one element I would like to be felt is hope. Dark as it may be in parts, there is a ray of hope in all I write, finding beauty in the sadness, and a chance to resolve, of a light in every darkness.

"And now, it is my chance to find that light, to reveal who I am, to both myself and the world. My music is my love and escape, but hopefully the ultimate path to truth and happiness.”



Dark Universe CD launch




True Spirit and Houses of the Holy present the Jaime Page Solo Album "Dark Universe".  Join us for this epic and very special event and CD Launch on Friday April 29, at The Charles Hotel. Click on the link below to buy tickets.


Jaime Page in the news

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